Name :   Evan
City/ State :   Bellevue/WA
Comments :   Rachel was my roommate for 2 years and a dear friend. I will never forget a single moment we shared together. the world lost a shining star 13 years ago...
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Name :   seraphine
City/ State :   studio city CA
Comments :   With Great Saddness I Am Writing To Let All Of You Know That KEVIN SHEAHAN, one Oxnard resident/photographer/retired viet vet died May 30th while waiting for a double lung transplant. You all embrased him into your circle journey of grief and recovery and
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Name :   Frank Erik Johnsen
City/ State :   Norway
Comments :   Ive watched many episodes on aircrash investigation on the internet. This accident is in my mind the most shocking ever. It was avoidable. Just a lack of grease on the jackscrew in the tale of the plane. These people deserved to live. its a pity theyre go
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Name :   Raphael Gonzalez
City/ State :   Houston, Texas
Comments :   I was a good friend of Sarah Manning Pearson when I lived in Spokane. We spent many a fun times hanging out, with her brother Matt, and laughing our heads off. I will always remember her friendship, her smile and good nature. Sarah was a most special pers
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Name :   Steve Eppley
City/ State :   Edmonton AB
Comments :   flew with Ted Thompson in the late 70s
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